"Helping you to be an effective part of the most powerful organization in the world!"

“I love the Church.  The Church is the greatest institution that has ever been created.  The true hope of the world does not rest upon any other organization on the face of the earth except the Church.  The reason I say this is because God gave us the Church.

It is through the Church that God chooses to fulfill His purposes here on earth and God has told us that the Church will never be conquered until its mission is fulfilled. Most of all, God has entrusted to the Church the most important message of all time, the Gospel, which brings eternal life to all who hear it and positively respond to it.  In short, the Church is amazing!

Having spent close to half my life serving in the Church has only grown my love for it.  My life’s passion is to see every person to become part of the Church and to motivate and equip others to help the Church become all that it’s meant to be.

Many great Christian leaders have written, and continue to write, about how local churches, as a whole, can become more effective.  The purpose for this blog is to speak to the individual to help every person get the most out of their Church experience and to be able to personally give one’s best to the Church.

God has great plans for you, so get ready.  It’s time to mobilize!”

-Pastor Paul McCart

How to Attend Church: Part 3

If you’ve made it this far in this series, you’ve already grasped that there is more to attending church than simply showing up, unless you just jumped ahead to this post. That would be like eating dessert before dinner, which I’m all in favor of, especially if it’s cookies. If this is you, I won’t tell you again about how we need to go to church with a spirit of anticipation and not evaluation, or, that we need to go seeking to be equipped and not just entertained. You can go back to parts 1 and 2 in “How to Attend Church?” to get those dinner items.

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How to Attend Church: Part 2

Going to church involves discovery. It involves the Creator of the universe being at work within us to bring about good for us and through us. Attending church is to be more than just a weekly, one-time, isolated event that amuses us. It is to be a launching pad to becoming more of who we are meant to be, do what we are meant to do, and experience all God intends, throughout the rest of the week.

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Let’s Get Started: Part 3

Today, we wrap up our three part introduction to welcome you to my Mobilize blog where we have been focusing on the essential truth that God loves you and me. In case you missed Parts 1 and 2 of Let’s Get Started, head on over to my previous blogs to catch up.

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Lets Get Started: Part 2

In Part 1 of “Let’s Get Started” we touched on different types of love and defined what “agape” love is. So in case you missed it, just head over there to read through it. As we continue here in Part 2, let’s dig deeper into understanding God’s agape love for us.

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Let’s Get Started: Part 1

Welcome to Mobilize! For this first post, I wanted to make sure we start off right and in order to do that, I believe there is one essential truth which we need to allow to sink deep within our hearts and it’s this: God loves you and me. Each of us needs to develop... read more